Stay together for Always

5. Stay together for Always

(Male) We once experienced several Snowy Winters

          The charming youth seems at hand
          Give my love to you for all my life
          I feel so warm and sweat as formal

(Female) We once experienced several rainy Springs
          Our tears dripped in my heart like raindrops
          A romantic of love recalled in my mind
          But today, we finally meet again

(Male) In countless days and nights
(Female) days and nights
(Male) I pretend that you were still here with me
(Female) still here with me
(Male) I thought of you everyday in dreams
(Chorus) but hope has become my memory days after days
(Male) Experienced those things that we laughed or cried
(Female) that we laughed or cried
(Male) We finally understood separation and togetherness
(Female) separation and togetherness
(Male) Thus, we cherish ourselves and our love stories
(Chorus) We'll never change and stay together for always