Mother's Love


10. Mother's Love

Every time I lie in the cradle,
you are singing the same song.
Every day you do the same work,
From the dusk to dawn
and the sweat is dropping all year long.
Sweat drops a river
For my growing you are tireless,
You always appear so calm
No matter how tired you are
You always hold your tempers
No matter how angry you are
Though I know it's all my faults

You are so sincere and earnest to me
I know exactly that you just want me to be good
You devoted all your heart to me
And forgot the time goes on

* No songs in the world could sing mother's entire love
No words in the world could tell mother's entire love
It's much deeper than the sea
And much warmer than the sun
Mom, my dear mother
I'll never forget your love
Even if I walked to the end of the world
I'll never forget your love


I'll never forget your love
And I 'll never forget your love