• W/ Papaya Enzymes
    Step 1 of our Microdermabrasion System.
    (Best if used with our Microdermabrasion Exfoliator (Step 2) on page 15)
    Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this Microdermabrasion Cleanser contains vitamins and a natural enzyme from Papaya that will wash away dirt without removing the skin’s natural oils. Skin will feel hydrated, soft and beautiful.

    ·Antioxidants Vitamin A, B5 and E lock in hydration and aid in tissue repair.
    ·Papaya Enzymes help naturally brighten dull tired skin.
    ·An excellent choice for age defying solutions.
  • A gentle foaming cleanser that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface, effectively removing make-up residue and excess dirt and oil. Leaves skin clean and refreshed.

    ·Yucca Glauca Root Extract helps replenish moisture.
    ·White Willow Bark improves the appearance of the skin by increasing cellular turnover.
    ·Licorice Root Extract is an effective anti-inflammatory that aids in the reduction of redness and blemishes.
    ·An excellent choice for acne/oily skin solutions.
  • A non-foaming facial cleanser that penetrates deep into pores while reducing surface bacteria. A unique blend of teas contain antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental pollutants.

    ·Green and White Tea have the highest concentration of antioxidant properties of all teas.
    ·Red Tea helps reduce surface bacteria.
    ·An excellent choice for acne/oily skin solutions.
  • This gentle, hydrating cleanser helps restore and maintain skin’s vital moisture barrier, leaving skin soft and luminous.

    ·Olive Oil is an excellent moisturizer and is rich in antioxidants.
    ·Stevia Extract improves skins moisture barrier and hydrati.
  • This luxurious milky cleanser gently washes away dirt, oil and make-up without stripping away skin’s vital moisture.

    ·Pure Essential Oils, such as lavender, Sage, and Bergemot, are blended together with Vitamin A and E leaves skin feeling refreshed, toned and pampered.
    ·An excellent choice for age defying and hydrating solutions.
  • A gentle, yet thorough, facial cleanser for all skin types.The scent will leave you feeling clean and

    ·Capsules provide a concentrated burst of Vitamin E for strong antioxidant power.
    ·Angelica Root Extract soothes skin and constricts pores.
    ·An excellent choice for calming, age defying, and acne/oily skin solutions.
  • A mild, creamy cleanser created Specifically for sensitive skin. This soap free, non-abrasive formula deeply cleanses without causing any irritation.

    ·Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Protein, Enzymes, and Humectants, which help retain moisture.
    ·Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties with pH neary identical to skin.
    ·Chamomile Extract is an anti-inflammatory that calms and soothes.
    ·An excellent choice for calming and hydrating solutions.
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